Best Dentist

Ike Heaphy

Dentists get a bad reputation. Maybe it’s that folks don’t like getting stuff stuck into their grill or, more likely, that they get defensive when asked if they’ve really been flossing daily and brushing after every meal. For whatever reason, a lot of people unfairly heap all that bad energy on the dude in the white coat. But not at Dr. Heaphy’s office. There’s no reason to freak out because everyone seems to like Ike, even—maybe especially—those who aren’t as diligent about their dental hygiene as they should be. Give Dr. Heaphy or his excellent staff a couple minutes to do their thing and you’ll be feeling at ease and shining some pearly whites in no time. Ike Heaphy: 712 Kensington Ave, 543-8347,

Finalists, Best Dentist

2. Annette Dusseau, Family Dental Group: Southgate Mall, 541-2886,

3. Olsen Family Dental: 715 W. Central Ave, 728-2840,


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