Best Dentist

Ike Heaphy

Sometimes the best judge of character is the company you keep. Ike Heaphy, who’s won this category four of the last five years, has a reputation that speaks for itself. He’s friendly, approachable and respectful with his patients—even, or especially, those patients who perhaps haven’t been as diligent with the toothbrush as they should be. But in addition to Heaphy’s calming presence, we think this victory is at least partly thanks to his amazing staff. With a gentle touch and a thorough approach, the dental hygienists in his office make your teeth look sparkly even before Heaphy comes in for a peek. It’s a total team effort here—and it’s the patients who end up winning. Ike Heaphy • 712 Kensington Ave • 543-8347 •

Finalists, Best Dentist

2. Annette Dusseau, Family Dental Group • Southgate Mall • 541-2886 •

3. Thomas Farago • 1547 S Higgins Ave, #C • 549-6081

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