Best Desserts

Mustard Seed


For one Indy staffer, Mustard Seed’s green beans are the perfect appetizer: fresh, light and covered in a tangy and garlicky soy-sauce glaze. The rest of Mustard Seed’s menu offers similarly tasty, deceptively simple dishes with generous portions and Asian-style twists, like the black bean and lime halibut or the cashew chicken. Don’t forget to save room for dessert, though—the cakes and pies, also generously portioned, don’t hold back on the rich, often chocolatey goods. The Mustard Seed’s Southgate Mall location is a handy pit-stop when we’re out running errands; but thankfully, it delivers, too, for times when we want those green beans all to ourselves. Mustard Seed: Southgate Mall, 721-7444

Finalists, Best Desserts

2. Bernice’s Bakery: 190 S. 3rd St. W, 728-1358,

3. Black Cat Bake Shop: 2000 W. Broadway, 542-9043,


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