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Eric Ravitz

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Also, Best Health Clinic: Blue Mountain Clinic

Eric Ravitz, Blue Mountain Clinic - PHOTO BY CATHRINE L. WALTERS
We know someone who suffers terribly from what’s known as White Coat Syndrome. It’s basically a fear of doctors, and whenever this person enters an exam room her blood pressure skyrockets and she breaks into a cold sweat. Funny thing, though: It never happens to her at Blue Mountain. The team at this California Street clinic, led by Eric Ravitz, offers comprehensive family care that has a knack for putting patients at ease. Ravitz helps set the tone with a laid-back, conversational, open-minded approach to medicine that never comes across as too intimidating or complex. The rest of the team, including Mindy Opper, Laura Marx and Kelly Polus, is equally approachable, able to creatively and compassionately problem solve seemingly any ailment. Blue Mountain’s focus on making patients feel comfortable goes a long way in helping them remain healthy-and helps the clinic, and Ravitz, wins these categories for a third straight year. Blue Mountain Clinic: 610 N. California St; 721-1646;


2. Lar Autio: 500 W. Broadway; 721-5600

3. Kendra Long: 500 W. Broadway; 721-5600

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