Best Doctor

Eric Ravitz

ALSO, BEST HEALTH CLINIC (Blue Mountain Clinic)

Eric Ravitz is a rare breed of physician. He isn’t one to brush off patient aches and pains, nor does he come across as a know-it-all, despite his 35 years of experience in the medical field. Indy readers appreciate Ravitz’s expertise and the fact that he takes an unusual amount of time listening to his patients, taking pains to ensure they don’t feel like just another cog in the system. His approach might not be common in the health care industry as a whole, but it certainly is at Blue Mountain Clinic. That’s among the reasons BMC has, like Ravitz, won Best of Missoula for seven years in a row. The clinic not only offers top-notch care, but also takes an important leadership role in the community on social justice issues. BMC works to ensure that everyone has access to sexual health education and serves as one of the state’s most vocal advocates for a woman’s right to choose. Those efforts make BMC a vital resource to Missoula, as well as the state and region. Eric Ravitz, Blue Mountain Clinic: 610 N. California St, 721-1646,

Finalists, Best Doctor/Healthcare Provider

2. Lar Autio, Western Montana Clinic: 500 W. Broadway, 721-5600,

3. Heather Maddox, Western Montana Clinic: 500 W. Broadway, 721-5600,


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