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Some chains might use mixes or frozen dough to make their doughnuts, but not the Rosauers bakery department. The supermarket’s doughnuts are handmade from scratch every morning by bakers who arrive at the store when some of us are just getting home from the bars. It’s no secret around town that a box of a dozen Rosauers doughnuts are sure to brighten any morning meeting or brunch gathering. To the tireless (and, no doubt, caffeinated) bakers bringing us our bear claws, our Boston cream pies, our old-fashioneds, our jelly rolls and our maple bars, we salute you.Rosauers • 2350 S. Reserve St • 721-5430 •

Finalists, Best Doughnuts

2. Tandem Doughnuts • Clark Fork Market and other locations • 239-3997 •

3. Black Cat Bake Shop • 2000 W. Broadway St • 542-9043 •

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