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"We're just your friendly neighborhood laundromat," says attendant Nina Corelli. A little modest, aren't we Nina? Green Hanger offers free soap, free ironing service and competitively priced dry cleaning. Green Hanger operates enough washers and dryers to stay busy, but keep those long lines short—even during the Sunday evening rush. All that, and Green Hanger has ushered in an environmentally friendly brand of dry cleaning, thanks to the adoption of a new chemical that doesn't make your hemp shirt reek. Much more than just a neighborhood laundromat—Green Hanger is our undisputed clothes cleaning champ. Green Hanger: 146 Woodford; 960 E Broadway; 728-1948


2. Missoula Textiles: 111 E. Spruce; 1201 Burlington Ave; 543-5171;

3. Fresh Natural Cleaners: 1132 SW Higgins; 542-8100

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