Best Electronic DJ

Kris Moon

It’s not always easy to tell—especially if you’re new to the electronic music scene—what kind of magic a DJ is creating at his or her turntables. But with Kris Moon it’s pretty easy to see he’s working really hard at creating something extraordinary. His constant movement on stage gives the distinct impression of an artist at the height of a manic state of inspiration. His mixes transition smoothly, even between genres. But probably the most important thing about Moon is that he appeals to underground and Top 40 crowds alike, because he plays both types of music without totally overdoing it on either end of the spectrum. As one of his fans said, “His sets are never boring. He’s someone who makes DJing an art form—and he’s one of the nicest, most modest people I’ve ever met.” He’s a tough to beat beatmaster. Kris Moon:

Finalists, Best Electronic DJ

2. Aaron Traylor

3. Colin Hickey

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