Best Eyewear

Uptown Optical

An Indy staffer who shall remain nameless once snapped the bridge of her glasses in half during a college incident involving beer and a cement floor. She taped her glasses together and rode her bike posthaste to the nearest eyeglass shop, which happened to be Uptown Optical. There, a friendly technician refitted our staffer’s lenses into a stylish pair of Armani frames and charged an astonishingly affordable clearance price. It was a few years ago, but we still remember how much Uptown Optical saved the day. Uptown Optical: 111 N. Higgins, #107, 327-9988,

Finalists, Best Eyewear

2. Specticca: 319 N. Higgins, 549-5700,

3. Rocky Mountain Eye Center: 700 W. Kent St., 541-3937,

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