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Parents consider a few different measurables when it comes to deeming a restaurant worthy of their children's presence. There's the scream factor—as in, if or when my kid screams, how thoroughly embarrassed will I be? There's the deliciousness of the mac and cheese and/or spaghetti, depending on your moppet's must-have favorite. And then, perhaps most crucial, there's the quality of the coloring book and complimentary crayons that keep the little ones occupied before dinner arrives. The newly remodeled Montana Club passes on all fronts, plus earns bonus points for serving some excellent prime rib to keep mom and dad happy and content as they mentally prepare for bedtime. Montana Club: 2620 Brooks; 4561 N. Reserve; 543-3200;


2. Red Robin: Southgate Mall; 830-3170;

3. Ruby's Café: 2101 Regent St; 728-9890

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