Best Family-Friendly Restaurant

The Montana Club

Readers' Pick

Why did the bacon laugh? Because the egg cracked a yolk. Why did the baby strawberries cry? Because their mother was in a jam. Okay, so maybe these aren’t fit for a Craig Ferguson monologue, but they’re good enough to help fill the kids’ menu at The Montana Club. As any parent knows, anything-and we mean anything-that can help occupy the little rugrats before their chicken strips or corn dog arrives is much appreciated. At this Brooks Street restaurant, children are treated like royalty-the jokes come alongside coloring pages and fun facts (“An ostrich’s eye is bigger than its brain”)-so the parents can actually sit back and enjoy the meal. Montana Club: 2620 Brooks; 4561 N. Reserve; 541-8141;


2. Ruby’s Café: 2101 Regent St; 728-9890

3. Red Robin: Southgate Mall; 830-3170;

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