Best Family-Friendly Restaurant

Montana Club

It can be hard to take your kids out to a restaurant, what with the crying and the picky eating and the food scattered all over the floor. Luckily, there’s the Montana Club, where it’s understood that even people who chose to procreate get to be out in public sometimes without leaving the tots at home. The Montana Club’s kids’ menu features comfort food like pizza and corn dogs, as well as drink and dessert options catered specifically to them, such as the Tootie Fruity and Peanut Butter Fudge Meltdown. And after the inevitable sugar crash? The Montana Club offers a full bar for the big kids at the table. Montana Club • 4561 N. Reserve St • 541-8141 & 2620 Brooks St • 543-3200 •

Finalists, Best Family-Friendly Restaurant

2. Red Robin • Southgate Mall • 830-3170 •

3. Burns St. Bistro • 1500 Burns St • 543-0719 •

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