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On the first Sunday of every month, the Ole Beck VFW hosts a curious little gathering of film aficionados and drinking buddies. Newtflix, hosted by cinema buff Newton Wise, features films he loves but that time has not always been kind to, including the 1980s horror flicks Critters and Night of the Creeps, and B-movie classics like Rock ‘n’ Roll High School. Newtflix isn’t a hushed, solemn movie screening. Rather, it’s an interactive affair, with helpful commentary from Newton, people yelling at the screen, arguments over trivia facts and general wisecracking. On warm summer evenings, the VFW cranks up the fans and starts the films a little bit later, as people wander in from sunny adventures to cool down. Whether Sundays are the end of your weekend or just the start, Newtflix makes even the cheesiest of movies into a memorable experience. The half-price drink special doesn’t hurt, either.

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