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Last year’s Total Fest saw 43 nationwide bands play over three nights. Johnny No Moniker from the Fleshies sang from a Badlander bathroom stall. The Vile Blue Shades—with their 15 or so band members—made the stage their personal party. All crazy stuff, sure. But buried in the line-up of one early evening set was a band called Kled whose frontman, Pat Phlymm, is an ex-local notorious for his 1990s Missoula bands, The Banned and Poop. For those who saw Phlymm back in the day, this show was a time warp experience: The stocky, cheshire-grinning singer (who, it should be mentioned, is a trained ballet dancer) wore a pair of tight shorts with the word “juicy” on the butt, and did his hair in little pig tails as he sang in a creepy little kid’s voice falsetto. A man named “Miss America,” another staple of Missoula’s 1990s music scene and now an anonymous UM professional, slunk around the stage wearing a drawn-on moustache and a yellow banana hammock so small that you could see, well, everything. For some it was a horrifying experience. For the rest of us, it was 1992 all over again—in all its weirdness.
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