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Kingfisher Fly Shop

Every once in a while, fly fishing around Missoula can bring about a moment of mid-morning panic. Rolling through town on the way to Rock Creek or the Blackfoot, you realize you forgot to buy a new leader or replenish your supply of salmon flies. Kingfisher is ideally situated to meet those last-minute needs, being right next to I-90 and all. But the shop also has a firm handle on the advanced planning side, offering guided trips, fly-fishing classes and detailed online river reports. Knowing exactly what the fish are biting ahead of the weekend will even help maximize the shop’s half-off your first dozen flies deal. It’s good to have a place to count on in case of tackle-related emergencies; it’s better to let Kingfisher help you avoid that panic in the first place. Kingfisher Fly Shop 926 E. Broadway, 721-6141,

Finalists, Best Fly-fishing Shop

2. Grizzly Hackle: 215 W. Front St, 721-8996,

3. Missoulian Angler Fly Shop: 802 S. Higgins, 728-7766,

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