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Grizzly Hackle

In the opening pages of his novella “A River Runs Through It,” Missoula author Norman Maclean described his father as not only a fastidious fly fisherman but an avid tier of fishing flies. Strong chance then that he would have looked at the west wall of Grizzly Hackle with the wonder of a kid in a candy store. The spools of thread, baggies of hackle and tufts of elk hair and moose mane are enough to make the mind swirl with possibilities as boundless as trout in the Blackfoot. For those tempted by but not yet indoctrinated into the art of tying, Grizzly Hackle is quick to offer tips and even courses. Why stop at the rod and reel? Rev. Maclean sure didn’t. Grizzly Hackle • 215 W. Front St • 721-8996 •

Finalists, Best Fly-fishing Shop

2. Kingfisher Fly Shop • 926 E. Broadway St • 721-6141 •

3. TIE:

Missoulian Angler Fly Shop • 802 S. Higgins Ave • 728-7766 •

Blackfoot River Outfitters • 3055 N. Reserve St, #A-1 • 542-7411 •

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