Best French Fries

James Bar

The french fries at James Bar exist in the perfect balance between crispy and well-oiled. For those of us who don’t love either an overly battered fry or a soggy one, these fries are perfection. But there is a problem: You have to choose between the classic sea salt flavor, spicy garlic, truffle or Greek (oregano, garlic and lemon), which is a maddening position to be in. They are all so good! Not to mention all the sauce choices like ketchup, mango ketchup, ancho ketchup, caper tartar sauce and ranch. Oh, and there’s a second problem: The delectable fries come in a giant cone-shaped receptacle that is big enough for sharing. And you don’t want to share, do you? “They’re my fries!” you want to scream when they arrive at the table. But you don’t do that—because you’re an adult, and there’s plenty to go around. James Bar • 127 W. Alder St • 721-8158 •

Finalists, Best French Fries

2. Five Guys Burgers & Fries • 820 E. Broadway St • 830-3262 •

3. Hoagieville • Multiple locations • 541-8031 •

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