Best Garden Center

Caras Nursery

“Life begins the day you start a garden.” Those words—a Chinese proverb—are plastered at the top of Caras Nursery’s website, a fitting mantra for Missoula’s go-to for greenery. Life may begin with a seed, but it takes a whole lot more to nurture and cultivate it, like soil, mulch and fencing to keep those nibbling deer at bay. Caras has all that and bird baths besides, ensuring that once you get life started, you won’t have to struggle to keep it going. Caras Nursery: 2727 S 3rd St W • 543-3333 •

Finalists, Best Garden Center

2. Pink Grizzly • 1400 Wyoming St • 728-3370

3. Ace Hardware’s Fancy Plants • 1101 Burlington Ave • 532-3478 •
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