Best General Contractor

Rocky Mountain Remodel

Michael Kane and Jason Olenic, owners and operators of Rocky Mountain Remodel, are a hands-on crew. Kane says his favorite part of the remodel process is to help owners pick out their design and then get to work on the project. Besides residential properties, Rocky Mountain has also been on-site for some prominent commercial work, like La Stella Blu and Clyde Coffee on the Hip Strip, and the Lambert chiropractor office nearby on Third. As far as home renovation goes, Kane says the company is game for everything from a bathtub installation to removing a roof and adding a second story. His advice for avoiding the stress of a major home remodel is simple. “Move out,” he says, and laughs. “I think it’s just more enjoyable for everyone that way.” Rocky Mountain Remodel: 240-4983 •

Finalists, Best General Contractor

2. Straightedge Construction • 531-7261 •

3. TIE:
Hoyt Homes • 1021 Mount Ave • 728-5642 •
Edgell Building • 316 Expressway • 721-1826 •

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