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Montanans don’t generally take kindly to outsiders. It’s a sentiment we see expressed in bumper stickers, neighborhood squabbles and sports bars all the time, but never is it more heightened than in the realm of politics. During the most recent legislative session, a fierce battle erupted over the proposed expansion of Medicaid. After the House passed a bill that would extend service to 70,000 more Montanans, an outside group called Americans for Prosperity, funded by the Koch brothers, released a statement denouncing the vote. “This decision,” said AFP director Zach Lahn, “stands directly against the voices of millions of Montanans who have made it clear that they do not want more Obamacare.” Strong words, but just one problem: There are not millions of Montanans. Those celebrating the vote—and perhaps looking to put outsiders in their place—pounced on the gaffe with a tongue-in-cheek hashtag, #MillionsofMontanans. Gov. Steve Bullock got things started by asking his Twitter followers, “What else have other #MillionsofMontanans done?” U.S. Sen. Jon Tester chimed in that they all wished they had his flat-top haircut. Another user suggested #MillionsofMontanans were really good at hide-and-seek, while someone else wondered if all our cows counted among the #MillionsofMontanans. Then seemingly #MillionsofMontanans piled on with a version of the same closer: #MillionsofMontanans believe AFP knows nothing about Montana. The hashtag lives on even today, leaving many to surmise that, yes, #MillionsofMontanans is by far the year’s best.

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