Best Head Shop

Piece of Mind

All the cool kids like to talk about what local farm grew their salad greens and the name of the cow that ended up being their cheeseburger. But forget “Know your farmer.” How about “Know your glass pipe artist”? At Piece of Mind, the first two cases of pipes are stocked full of jaw-dropping examples of local work. Each artist’s name even appears next to his or her work. Store manager Sarah Exum says she takes great pride in working with a stable of artists, most of whom are based in Missoula but also reside in Dillon and Bozeman. And if glass pipes don’t do it for you, don’t worry. The store has a little bit of everything—local or not—to satisfy your jonesing. Piece of Mind: 123 W Main St., 830-3206,

Finalists, Best Head Shop

2. Atmosphere Smoke Shop: 115 West Main St., 728-4420,

3. Mellow Mood: 630 S Higgins Ave, 728-0777,

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