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Piece of Mind

A sign on the cases that contain Piece of Mind’s mind-bogglingly diverse array of "tobacco" paraphernalia warns customers not to touch the glass. It’s a good reminder, because the temptation is to lean in for a closer look. There’s so much to see, so much to consider. Do you want a glass pipe that resembles a squid or a wooden bowl that comes in a handsome case? Do you want a locally made one-hitter or a plastic bong that will be impervious to late-night tumbles off your coffee table? However you answer these questions, Piece of Mind has you covered. Piece of Mind: 123 W. Main St, 830-3206,

Finalists, Best Head Shop

2. Mellow Mood: 630 S. Higgins Ave, 728-0777,

3. Atmosphere Smoke Shop: 115 W. Main St, 728-4420,


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