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Piece of Mind

If you’re looking to toke in style, Piece of Mind’s got you covered with a dizzying selection of pipes and accessories. Need something for that special smoker in your life? How about a locally crocheted lighter pouch or a hand-carved antler pipe or a Rasta-themed one-hitter? Or, for the one who has everything, consider the “Bud Bug,” a cute, automated grinder that takes “tobacco” in a compartment on its back, then scoots along a table and “poops” out packable portions. “We try to carry things at the forefront of glass art, but also something you can drop on the ground without worrying,” says manager Sarah Exum. Piece of Mind: 123 W Main St • 830-3206 •

Finalists, Best Head Shop

2. Mellow Mood • 630 S Higgins Ave • 728-0777 •

3. Atmosphere Smoke Shop • 115 W Main St • 728-4420 •

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