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Blue Mountain


There are a lot of reasons people choose a health care provider these days—cost, proximity, fancy high-tech equipment. But let’s talk about bedside manner. It’s not like Blue Mountain Clinic doesn’t have affordable care or a central location or plenty of cool gadgets to check your wellbeing, but it’s their attention to and respect for their patients that we think puts Dr. Eric Ravitz and the rest of the Blue Mountain crew at the top of these categories every year. They listen. They put you at ease. They communicate. And they take the time to smartly address whatever’s going on with your aches, pains or other ills. As one long-time patient told us after a particularly stressful scare, “They don’t make me feel like something is wrong with me. They make me feel like there’s just something we have to figure out.” Blue Mountain Clinic • 610 N. California St • 721-1646 •

Finalists, Best Health Clinic

2. Western Montana Clinic • 500 W. Broadway • 721-5600 •

3. Partnership Health Center: 401 Railroad St W • 258-4789 •

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