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You’re new in town, or newly back in town, and maybe it’s been awhile since you’ve seen a doctor on the regular, and you’re getting to that age where you might want to start developing an actual relationship with one, so you check out the most recent Best of Missoula and see that this guy Eric Ravitz seems to have a following, so you give a call and surprise! (given his obvious popularity), he’s accepting new patients, so you make an appointment, and you arrive at the way-cozier-than-necessary waiting room 30 minutes early to fill out the paperwork, which takes about 10 minutes, and at a quarter til—still 15 minutes before your appointment—the receptionist comes out to apologize for the wait, and you start to think, “Hey, I can see why people like this place.” Then they take you back to an exam room, weigh you (the results are not their fault), stick you for bloodwork so gently you don’t even know it’s happening, and then Dr. Ravitz drops by and makes you feel so darn comfortable you don’t even bother lying when he asks how much you drink. You decide then and there that this is your doc. You’ll be back. Because you trust that he, at least, knows what’s good for you. Blue Mountain Clinic: 610 N California St • 721-1646 •

Finalists, Best Health Clinic

2. Western Montana Clinic • 500 W Broadway • 721-5600 •

3. Costcare • Multiple locations • 728-5841 •

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