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Peak Health & Wellness Center

Peak Health & Wellness - PHOTO BY CATHRINE L. WALTERS
  • photo by Cathrine L. Walters
  • Peak Health & Wellness

Let’s just say—you know, for the sake of this blurb—that you’ve recently decided to get back into shape after too many years of late-night nachos and excuse-laden laziness. And let’s just say—hypothetically, of course—that you know yourself well enough to understand that the only way to truly replace that six-pack of cold ones with six-pack abs is to sign up at a top-flight facility, decked out with top equipment and populated with elite personal trainers. If this sounds like you, you’re in luck. The Peak’s Blue Mountain complex boasts a pool, indoor basketball court, indoor track, full weight room and enough flat-screen TVs to put a sports bar to shame. In addition, the Peak’s new downtown location has even newer equipment, more workout classes and a giant airplane propeller-looking fan on the ceiling that really helps distract you when you’re sweating through that last 30 minutes on the elliptical and ready to pass out. Not that that’s ever happened to us. Nah. Not at all. We’re just saying. Peak Health & Wellness Center: 5000 Blue Mountain Rd, 251-3344,

Finalists, Best Health Club

2. The Women’s Club: 2105 Bow St, 728-4410,

3. YMCA: 3000 S. Russell St, 721-9622,

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