Best Home Accessories

House Design Studio

One of the hardest chores in life is picking out something memorable and creative for a wedding gift. We don't think we're overstating this. Sure, you can go through some box store registry and get your friend a blender, but good luck having that make an impression. No, we want to get something beautiful and distinct—and that's why we head to House Design Studio. When it comes to decorating a new home, House has a little bit of everything for all kinds of styles. We're partial to the Jensen chair from Dwell Studios as a lounge-worthy centerpiece to any room, and the store's own line of handcrafted wood coffee tables, bookshelves and benches. Perhaps the reason we like shopping here for wedding gifts is that we get so many great ideas on how to spruce up our own pad. House Design Studio: 133 N. Higgins, 541-6960,

Finalists, Best Home Accessories

2. Target: 2420 N. Reserve, 543-4000,

3. Red Rooster: 333 N Higgins, 543-7777,

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