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Fred's Appliance

Appliances to cool things. Appliances to freeze things. Appliances to heat things. Appliances to clean things. Whether you’re looking to whir, blend, grill, dice or nuke, there’s an appliance for it and Fred’s probably has it. The appliance superstore, with eight locations in the stretch between eastern Oregon and western Montana, has a reputation for good in-store selection and personable service. And perhaps best of all, a trip to Fred’s can have you talking with a real person, and save you from reading 7,562 online comments about 56 different blenders. Fred’s Appliance • 4949 Buckhouse Ln C • 251-7132 •

Finalists, Best Home Appliances

2. Lowes • 3100 N. Reserve St • 329-1800 •

3. Sears • 800-697-3277 •

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