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The store that sports the blue shirts is one of the most navigable places to find electronics. You know how you decided not to take a map on a backcountry road and you ended up with a strange hitchhiker in the back of your truck and then you hit a deer? Fun story to tell later, but when you're looking for an iPod dock or picking up a wireless card after yours burned out, you’re not looking for an unpredictable experience. You’re looking for expediency and friendliness and a whole group of people in blue shirts who can make that happen, which is why Best Buy has this one in its back pocket. Best Buy: 2640 N. Reserve St., 829-0409,

Finalists, Best Home Electronics

2. Vann’s: 3623 Brooks St., 728-5151,

3. Sears: 2901 Brooks St., 523-3200,

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