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While a couple of local home electronics behemoths have gone the way of the woolly mammoth in the last few years, Best Buy remains the favorite source of all things that need either AA batteries or a USB cable. Our lives are increasingly tied to the grid and the knowledgeable dudes and dudettes in the royal blue golf shirts continue to provide the know-how to keep us all connected and happy. In a world where our refrigerators dispense hot water and our phones can tell us when it’s time to feed the dog, it’s comforting to know that the Geek Squad is out there, fully prepared to explain things like 802.11 and bluesnarfing. Best Buy: 2640 N. Reserve St • 829-0409 •

Finalists, Best Home Electronics

2. Costco • 3220 N. Reserve St • 543-6445 •

3. Walmart • 3555 Mullan Rd • 829-8489 & 4000 Hwy 93 S • 251-6060 •

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