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Big Dipper

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Some neighborhood institutions are just not to be trifled with. On hot days, and even some cloudy, murky ones when the people just gotta have ice cream, the line snakes and curves all the way to Fifth Street. Waiting for signature flavors like Cold Smoke and Coconut is a local’s rite of passage. And in perhaps the most brilliant feat of free marketing ever concocted, on those warm summer nights, as you calmly lap your green tea ice cream, you can look up into the sky and see the Big Dipper’s logo shining down on you from space. Big Dipper: 631 S. Higgins; 543-5722;

Finalists, Best Ice Cream

2. Dairy Queen Multiple Locations; 549-6075;

3. Cold Stone Creamery 3275 N. Reserve; 549-5595;

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