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Rockin Rudy's

Rockin Rudy’s jewelry selection fills up nearly an entire room. Glass cases overflow with a seemingly endless selection of bracelets, necklaces and rings, jewelry boxes, hair clips and chokers. Gold and silver bands house opal, turquoise and ruby stones. There are rings for big fingers and little fingers, upscale tastes and those that lie on the quirkier side, such as mood rings. Silver and bronze pendants shaped like Montana beckon. Feather earrings made in Missoula dangle not far from a chunky green Columbian copal necklace that even the pickiest fashionista would be proud to wear to a dinner party. Whether you’re a Montana pendant type, or one that leans more toward the Columbian copal, there’s little doubt that Rockin Rudy’s has just the right sparkly accessory. Rockin Rudy’s: 237 Blaine, 542-0077,

Finalists, Best Jewelry

2. One Eleven: 111 Higgins Ave, 541-7376,

3. Barney Jette: 228 N. Higgins Ave, 541-9155,

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