Best Journalist

Michael Moore and Tristan Scott (tie)

Readers' Pick

We may engage in a little competitive rivalry with the local daily, but we’d be the first to admit the Missoulian is home to some of the finest journalists in the Northwest. Our readers recognized two of them this year, honoring veteran writer Michael Moore and cops and courts reporter Tristan Scott. It’s easy to see why. Moore’s recent columns for baby boomers (titled “The Middle Ages”) showcase a new voice for the award-winner. And just read this opening line from Scott’s recent coverage of an emotional court appearance: “When Kenny Richard turned toward the rows of grief-stricken family members at his sentencing hearing Wednesday afternoon, only the man he killed was smiling.” Makes you want to read more-much like every article that appears under a byline from these two fine journalists.


2. Skylar Browning (Missoula Independent)

3. Matthew Frank (Missoula Independent)

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