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Bowl Dog Lounge & Casino at Westside Lanes

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Best Karaoke Bar sort of means one of two things, depending on how you value karaoke: It’s either the best place to go belt out your favorite Creed song, or the best place to go laugh at the tone-deaf fool who somehow knows all the lyrics to that terrible Creed song. In any case, the Bowl Dog Lounge & Casino at Westside Lanes is the best place for such entertainment. Plus, whether you get booed off stage or bored of booing people off stage, you can always go bowling instead. Bowl Dog Lounge & Casino: Westside Lanes; 1615 Wyoming; 721-5263;
Bowl Dog Lounge & Casino - PHOTO BY CATHRINE L. WALTERS


2. VFW Club: 245 W. Main; 728-7749

3. Harry David’s: 2700 Paxson St; 531-7800

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