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If you have a child, it’s a dangerous thing to enter Whippersnappers. The clothing store, which recently joined with the funky toy and candy store, Twist (now called Whippersnappers with a Twist) is a hotbed of cuteness. Not just cuteness, but stylish cuteness in a way that large brands just can’t pull off. According to one of the employees, owner Peggy Roark has really high standards for what goes in the shop. She has a selection of Montana-made clothes from designers like Mouse & Pea and Simone. She prefers organic material. Some shoes squeak so you can tell where your child is (a mechanism that can also be easily removed, thank goodness) and, for those of us who think girls' clothing generally looks like Pepto Bismol throw-up, she offers plenty of non-traditional colors for both genders. The shop has also added a consignment section, which showcases some pretty sweet outfits that often go for $5 or less. Whippersnappers: 127 N. Higgins, #B, 728-7400,

Finalists, Best Kids' Clothing

2. Kid Crossing: 1940 Harve Ave., 829-8808,

3. Children’s Place: 2901 Brooks St., 728-2152,

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