Best Dry Cleaner

Green Hanger

Readers' Pick


Have you ever wandered into a laundromat after a long week with a heaping basket of smelly wardrobe only to realize you don’t have any quarters? Green Hanger puts the kibosh on pocket-rummaging and cushion-lifting with shiny plastic cards. The machines actually don’t accept quarters—you place a certain amount of money on a laundry card and you’re set to go. In addition to wireless Internet, a spacious waiting area and extra-large washers, Green Hanger has also recently updated its dry-cleaning service to use environment-friendly hydrocarbon, which eliminates toxic byproducts. It’s called Green Hanger for a reason. Green Hanger: 146 Woodford; 960 E Broadway; 728-1948


2. Missoula Textiles: 111 E. Spruce;; 1201 Burlington 543-5171;

3. Fresh Natural Cleaners: 1132 SW Higgins; 542-8100;

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