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Martin Judnich

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We think Indy readers know a little bit about getting in trouble. We like that about you. Next time we get pulled over or someone smashes into our car and gives us whiplash, we’ll take your advice on where to find Missoula’s best attorney. Martin Judnich, or “Marty,” as his clients call him, specializes in personal injury and criminal defense law. His clients say overwhelmingly that Judnich communicates clearly and often, while keeping his prices affordable. He’ll be the first one we call next time the fuzz pops us on a trumped-up charge. Judnich Law office: 2419 Mullan Rd., 721-3354,

Finalists, Best Lawyer

2. Paul Ryan: 218 E. Front St., 542-2233 ,

3. John Velk: 523 S. Orange St., 543-0909


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