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Marty Judnich

Sometimes you take the car out for a nightcap and wind up with the red-and-blue flashers in your rearview. Whether you did anything wrong is irrelevant, because either way you’ll be stuck with a labyrinth of legal obligations as soon as the cop touches pen to paper. You don’t want to navigate them alone, and Marty Judnich is just the guy to call. Judnich specializes in personal injury and DUI cases, and he takes a particular interest in keeping up with the ever-changing stipulations of DUI laws that can be intimidating to the layman. Marty Judnich • 2419 Mullan Rd, #B • 721-3354 •

Finalists, Best Lawyer

2. Nate Wagner • 201 W. Main St • 728-0810 •

3. Paul Ryan • 218 E. Front St, #210 • 542-2233 •

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