Best Leader of the Revolution

Ellie Hill

Missoula Democratic Rep. Ellie Hill isn’t one to let an injustice go. For example, during Montana’s 2013 legislative session, she ceaselessly pushed her bill to legalize “corner crossing,” which consists of crossing a piece of privately owned land to access public spaces. The bill died, but she’s pledging to continue to fight to ensure Montanans can reach some 1.3 million acres of public lands that remain inaccessible as a result of the existing law. Despite a similar setback during the last legislative session when it came to passing Medicaid expansion, Hill has vowed to make the law a reality, telling the Independent that if Montana Gov. Steve Bullock does not call a special session in to make that happen soon, she will work with others to put the issue on the 2014 ballot. In characteristically fiery style, Hill says that though she’s now pregnant with her first child, she has no intention of curbing her revolutionary activities. In fact, she intends to bring the little one with her to Helena during the 2015 session. “I’m bringing it with me to the House floor,” Hill says.

Finalists, Best Leader of the Revolution

2. Yetta Stein

3. Traff the Wiz:

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