Best Leader of the Revolution

Ellie Hill

Anybody who knows Ellie Hill—current state legislator, former nonprofit executive director, new mom, lawyer—knows she’s not one to back down from a fight. That’s why it came as little surprise that when Missoula mourned the death of an exchange student shot earlier this year, Hill didn’t hesitate to confront those she thought were responsible. “I know that the National Rifle Association will come after me,” she told the Indy as she initiated efforts to repeal aspects of Montana’s controversial castle doctrine. Her move to combat a law that, she says, enables homeowners “to shoot first and ask questions later,” is indicative of Hill’s unwavering resolve to fight the good fight, whether that means standing up to the gun lobby or facing off against hateful religious leaders while advocating for LGBT rights in Helena. Hill’s efforts have landed her on cable television and in the pages of Time magazine, but she continues to win this category because Indy readers know her focus remains right here at home. Ellie Hill, House Legislator:

Finalists, Best Leader of the Revolution

2. Linda McCarthy, MDA:

3. Eran Fowler Pehan, Poverello Center:


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