Best Leader of the Revolution

Ellie Hill

She doesn’t quote the Bible on the House floor. She’s not a bloviating puppet for the NRA, nor is she a science-dissing shill for Big Milk. She works for you, plain and simple. Ellie Boldman Smith has a heart as big as the sky and her revolution is a fight for human dignity. During the most recent legislative session—her third—the Missoula representative put Tea Party ideologues in their place again and again, railing against bonehead bills that would make life more dangerous and difficult for people across the state. She helped win the biggest fight of the session with the expansion of Medicaid, a victory that will provide thousands with medical coverage. From her days advocating for the homeless at the Pov to her stellar leadership and compassion in Helena, she’s fought the good fight with unwavering courage and a clear-headed mission to make the quality of life better for all Montanans.

Finalists, Best Leader of the Revolution

2. City Councilman Adam Hertz

3. Mayor John Engen

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