Best Liquor Store

Grizzly Liquor

We appreciate that Grizzly Liquor employees don’t scoff when we ask what the difference is between scotch and bourbon. Nor do they cast a sideways glance when we load up on multiple bottles of low-priced tequila in advance of one of our weekend binges. What’s more, when the Indy needed booze for a taste-testing last year in advance of a feature story about local spirits, Grizzly Liquor was able to provide everything on our wish list from its deep selection of Montana-made products. The staff is great, but it’s that eclectic and ever-growing selection of spirits that really sets Grizzly Liquor apart. Grizzly Liquor: 110 W. Spruce St, 549-7723,

Finalists, Best Liquor Store

2. Krisco Liquor: 1300 S. Reserve, 549-7242,

3. Diamond Jim’s: 1605 S. Russell St, 541-6711


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