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Reid Reimers

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“Invigorating, nearly traumatizing.” That’s how Reid Reimers sums up his first few seconds onstage as Frank N. Furter in Montana Actors’ Theatre’s 2009 production of The Rocky Horror Show. The curtains swung open, the platform he was on began rising and shaking violently, and a sea of Wilma spectators belted the lines to “The Time Warp” straight at him. The scene seems an interesting contrast to Reimers’
early work—at age 10—as the giant in Missoula Children’s Theatre’s Jack and the Beanstalk. But Reimers has come a long way since his “fee-fi-fo-fum” days. The homegrown MCT, MAT, and University of Montana theater veteran had his directing debut with this year’s Arsenic and Old Lace. He continues to train touring staff at MCT. And expect to see him reprise his role as Frank this fall. While occasionally traumatizing, he says, “Rocky Horror’s a blast.”

Finalists, Best Local Actor

2. Howard Kingston

3. Jeff Medley

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