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Tom Catmull and the Clerics

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Also, Best Local Musician: Tom Catmull

For someone who wins these two categories more often than not, Tom Catmull is a humble sort. Playing at the Red Bird Wine Bar, Caras Park, Union Club, weddings, and fundraisers means that his songs worm their way into nearly every ear around these parts. Is Tom Catmull (and his Clerics) the soundtrack to our lives? Could be. People love him because he plays country and Americana without cheesing it up. We call it alt-country but Catmull calls it unpopular country. And that’s just it: He doesn’t need to be famous; he’s famous to us. Like the under-the-radar musicians he sometimes covers—Robbie Fulks and the Old 97s—he writes sincere ditties with hints of black humor. Some songs make you want to dance, some make you want to drink and be nostalgic. In any case, he has you in his grip, and you know it. Tom Catmull & The Clerics:

Finalists, Best Local Band

2. Secret Powers

3. Reverend Slanky

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