Best Massage Therapist

Sarah Velin, Matz Family Chiropractic

Matz Family Chiropractic won’t give you a few karate chops on the lumbar and call it good. Their services aim to promote all the more serious, long-term benefits of massage therapy like reduced blood pressure, a boosted immune system and general mental health. A quality massage should do more than leave you all blissed out and smiling for a couple hours, and Sarah Velin knows how to work to prevent problem areas that can become worse if ignored. Sarah Velin, Matz Family Chiropractic: • 1519 S Reserve St • 549-2006 •

Finalists, Best Massage Therapist

2. Farrah Lachina • 1048 Burlington Ave, #100 • 396-1385 •

3. Sophia Lewis, Spa at the Peak • 5000 Blue Mountain Rd • 251-8200 •

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