Best Men's Clothing


Think Don Draper got his snazzy duds off sales racks? Heck no. For more than a century, all the most stylish gents have filled out their wardrobes at places where shop owners wield tape measures and friendly banter. Desmonds harkens back to days when the suit-and-tie look wasn’t reserved merely for weddings and business conferences. The store’s racks are a bounty of the latest in men’s fashion. And of course, this being the 21st century and all, there are plenty of quality plaids and polos to be found as well. So when the moths finally have their way with that aging threadbare two-button, do what Draper would and visit this downtown staple. Desmonds: 129 S. Higgins, 728-8233,

Finalists, Best Men’s Clothing

2. TIE:
Betty’s Divine: 521 S. Higgins, 721-4777,
Dillard’s Southgate Mall, 721-3100,

3. Murdoch’s: 2801 W. Broadway St, 549-2355,

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