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Men are funny creatures when it comes to buying clothes. The whole “asking for help” thing isn’t really part of the shopping vocabulary, which probably explains why Dillard’s is so often voted Missoula’s go-to. Men’s department manager Eric Beeson has crafted his customer approach specifically to help break down that wall. “I’ll often use the line, ‘Tell me what’s on the list today’ or, ‘Tell me what you’re hunting today,’” he says. It helps that Dillard’s has everything from business attire to Cancun beachwear. But for Beeson, there’s more to the experience than ties and slacks. “It’s a combination of what we offer … and the relationships we build.” Dillard’s • Southgate Mall • 721-3100 •

Finalists, Best Men’s Clothing

2. Betty’s Divine • 509 S. Higgins Ave • 721-4777 •

3. Desmonds • 129 N. Higgins Ave • 728-8233 •

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