Best Men's Haircut

Boom Swagger Salon


We know a young professional who used to never get her hair cut. It’s Missoula, you know? You can get away with it. But years ago, when Boom Swagger Salon opened on South Third Street and offered an environment that was both hip to new styles and understanding of Zootown’s mountain chic vibe, she started to book regular appointments with her favorite stylist. Funny how that works, because her partner started doing the same thing. And then, years later, when they had a kid and she grew up, she too got to experience the mix of upscale attention and laid-back feel that Boom Swagger provides. It takes a special place to appeal to Missoula’s varying aesthetic tastes, and when it comes to hair, Boom Swagger is that place. Boom Swagger Salon: 204 S. 3rd St. W, 830-3192,

Finalists, Best Men’s Haircut

2. Man Cave: 315 N Pattee St, 542-2283,

3. Canvas Studios: 429 Madison, 926-1440,


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