Best Milk Shake

Uptown Diner

Readers' Pick

Here’s how the pros do it: Sidle up to the counter, shoot the staff a smile, and order the Oreo shake. Start slow to avoid brain-freeze and that ugly bloated feeling. When the straw starts to fail, default to the spoon. But don’t go for the cookie chunks quite yet. Save those for the point when easy ice cream bites are no longer an option. Polish off the second half (hint: it’s in that silver reserve-stash cup) and lean back. Anything that’s landed on your shirt is a snack for later. Uptown Diner: 120 N. Higgins; 542-2449

Finalists, Best Milk Shake

2. Big Dipper 631 S. Higgins; 543-5722;

3. Butterfly Herbs 232 N. Higgins; 728-8780;

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