Best Milkshake

Uptown Diner

Oh, the best of times, when we were all wearing poodle skirts and varsity jackets, going on dates at the local diner and sucking on milkshakes thick enough to eat with a spoon. Then again, there were Soviet tensions abroad and depressed housewives at home, so forget that. But luckily for us in 2015, Uptown Diner has preserved the happier parts of decades gone by and encapsulated them in a milkshake that has dominated this category since the Cold War first started (roughly speaking). Between the pile of whipped cream on top of your old-fashioned milkshake glass to the silver cup full of the second half of your shake, Uptown Diner will have you feeling nostalgic in no time. Uptown Diner • 120 N. Higgins Ave • 542-2449

Finalists, Best Milkshake

2. Big Dipper • 631 S. Higgins Ave • 543-5722 •

3. Butterfly Herbs • 232 N. Higgins Ave • 728-8780 •

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